Benefits of the standing desks for students

One of the ongoing discussions has been how to make students physically active during the lectures. Many teachers have had to make the students stand up for certain lectures especially after meals. This is usually done to ensure that the students remain active and attentive during the classes. The use of the standing desks and drafting chairs has turned the lecture halls into vibrant learning centers.

Scary statistics


Several studies on obesity among students have been carried out. The findings were rather shocking with incidences of obesity among the school children being found to have doubled in the last 30 years. The same condition had quadrupled among the adolescents in a similar period. In 2013 for instance, it was revealed that about 14 percent of the students in the United States in high school had obesity. Let us explore different ways in which the standing desks for students can help address this issue;

Addressing obesity among the students

Some campaigns have been started to address obesity among the students. One of the most famous campaigns is the standing desks for students’ campaign. This campaign has been dubbed as standing up for obesity. The recent finding on obesity among students found out that this condition could be controlled if the students are active in class.

Standing students versus the seated student

Some studied were also done on the standing and sitting students and their ability to grasp simple concepts. The standing students were found to be attentive and more active than the seated students. The findings showed that by standing the students did burn like eleven calories than their counterparts who were seated. Standing during the lectures was also found to affect the behavior and character of the students positively. This helped them focus on their studies and therefore, led to better grades.

Standing options for students

It was established that there was more than one standing option for the student. Numerous adjustable height desks can be used by different students based on their age, height, and even maturity. Some standing desks have been designed in such a way that the students can sit on their desktops. There are numerous options available depending on your preference, color, shape, and size.



Standing desks is a great way of helping student exercise in this era where everything has gone digitals. Students no longer walk for several miles to get to school. Making the students stand is one of the ways of ensuring that they exercise and fit.