Five Reasons Every Business Needs A Website

Websites play a critical role in the growth and profitability of any business. In a survey conducted by the SCORE Association, 97% of prospective consumers or clients were seen to search for information regarding products and services online. However, only 46% of business have website despite the significant number of customers searching for information online. Well, the following article seeks to highlight five reasons why every business needs a website.

Reasons Every Business Needs A Website


According to an online marketing manager of Web Design Stockport, a large percentage of consumers perceive businesses with websites as more credible as compared to those with only a social media page? A website is the number one tool in building credibility for your business. Though you can build your brand presence on social media, the platform only restricts you regarding design and technology. But with a website, businesses can be able to enhance their control, flexibility, credibility as well as branding.


Convenient for customers

In this digital era, the internet is used by consumers as the source of information concerning businesses and products. With millions of searches done every hour, having a website will come in handy in providing the consumers with the necessary information regarding the product or services offered by your firm.

Form of advertisement

A website is the least expensive form of advertisement. A website offers more information in regards to your products and services than any other form of advertisement. In a recent publication by the American Marketing Association journal, successful start-ups with websites didn’t require any other form of advertisement apart from websites. Another interesting bit about websites as a form of advertisements is that you will only need to make minimal changes, monthly or seasonal, to showcase any form of offers to be made be it sales or special offers.

To keep up with the competition

Perhaps, this is one of the main reasons you should invest in a website. Standing out in a competition that is dominated by competitors who have a web presence may be a daunting task for your business. Nowadays, manufacturers, retailers, and online sellers are adapting websites as a medium of communication with prospective and existing clients.


Build customer relationship

Websites are efficient in customer relationship management. It is easier to build a relationship with clients using your website by sending those newsletters and monthly emails to stay in touch. Not only does a website boost your business by allowing people to understand your business, but is also an efficient customer service tool where customers can stay connected with you 24hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.