How to Identify the Best Agave Syrup Supplier

Agave syrup is extracted from the agave plant. The agaves plants are harvested whereby the spiky leaves are cut off the Pina then crushed to produce juice that is heated to produce agave syrup, which is used as a sweetener. For a quality standard agave syrup, the supplier must be an expert in the production of premium agave. A great supplier is required to produce authentic products that have unsurpassed quality directly to the customers.



A great supplier should have a long time experience for planting the agave plants in the required climate to ensure the pines are ready for harvesting. Additionally, experience involves the usage of a better art facility for both planting and harvesting the agave plants. The chances are that an experienced supplier has the decent equipment required to manufacture the highest quality of agave related products.


A reputable agave syrup supplier is supposed to have certifications from different boards. The boards will be responsible for checking the quality of the products produced. This is to ensure that counterfeit products are eliminated from the market. Inspections also ensure that the company is credible to produce the agave syrup accurately. On the other hand, the company should also have a license certificate submitted by a reputable licensing company. This will ensure that they are producing the highest quality of agave products.

Multiple Stores

A great agave syrup supplier should have multiple stores where the customers can easily reach for their orders. The stores should be located as close as possible to the consumers of the agave products. Different packaging configurations should be done in the warehouses so that customers can have their particular orders in respective quantities. A knowledgeable staff is required to run the warehouse so that they can educate retailers and consumers about their stock.

Packaging Methods


A professional and reputable agave products supplier is supposed to have the best packaging methods to store the products in good condition. Packaging can be done in containers with different sizes and designs depending on the storage requirements of the agave products. The typical packaging is done through totes, drums, canisters, jugs, and bottles. A great supplier should be able to grade the agave syrup in different categories in terms of packages.

Eco-Friendly Practices

The factory of the agave syrup and related products should be capable of maintaining the environment. As much as they produce the agave products, they should commit to the environment and develop ways to use natural resources. This may include solar power and re-filtered water to ensure energy efficiency.