How to Extend Your Car’s Battery Life

Car batteries play an essential role in the working of any automobile. From getting the car started to charging your smartphone, batteries provide the power to help you enjoy your drive. While any car battery is bound to be replaced at some point, you can always add a couple of more years with Battery Tender and other usage tips. That said, here are some practical tips that will keep your battery running for a longer time.

Avoid Short Rides

Short rides are often insufficient for recharging or replenishing the energy used to start the car. In light of this fact, you can always maintain your car’s battery by driving it for extended periods. And if you any reason you do not drive your car often, you might as well invest in a portable car battery charger. Having a charger can help you jump start your car without waiting for another vehicle.

Turn Off Lights When You Exit

Most people accidentally leave their headlights or car door lights on after they exit the car. This action can take a toll on your battery. To limit your chances of making this mistake, you can always have a sticker not on the dash reminding you to check the lights. On the other hand, consider parking your car in a direction that allows you to walk past your car.

Avoid Using Electronics While Idling

Like the headlights, playing the radio or using the air conditioner while the car is idling can take a toll on the car’s battery life. You should avoid wearing the battery down unnecessarily when the vehicle is not running. The use of electronics while idling can progressively hurt your battery life.

Control Corrosion

Battery terminals are bound to corrode over time. Corroded terminals tend to compromise the life of your battery. In light of this, you must pay attention to corrosion. You can do this by scrubbing the terminals with baking soda, and then clean them charging

A declining battery is subject to a variety of parameters. In light of this, you must pay attention to anything that might compromise your battery’s quality. And since the battery is one component of a functional car, it is also advisable to take good care of the whole car. Having a fully functional vehicle also ensures that your battery reaches its full life.

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