Macuahuitl – A Sword with Obsidian Blades Used by Aztecs

Since ancient times, people have made various sophisticated weapons. For instance, during the Pharaoh era, a deadly sword known as khopesh was made. It is was known to be deadly on the battlefield. Ideally, this sword could be made out of a single piece of bronze. It was heavy and appeared like a cross between a sword and a battle ax.

In Japan, during the Edo era, a war tool known as sodegarami was made. The weapon appeared like the spiked pole. Also, it allowed officers to confront any particular antagonist with a twist. This brought the attacked person to the ground easily but not inflicting severe wounds.

Aztec warriors were well-known for the Macuahuitl. It is also commonly called the Aztec sword. Ideally, the weapon was not a typical sword made of metal. Rather, it is was made from oak wood. The edges had a volcanic glass (obsidian blades), and this weapon was used to inflict painful wounds and slash throats. This weapon made the Aztecs great on the battlefield. Their culture and society were built on warriorhood.

Aztec Culture

The eagle and jaguar were considered to be emblematic predators in the Aztec culture. Thus, warriors used to dress to appear like them. It was a belief that such an appearance would make their adversaries fear. If a new warrior joins the Aztec battle group, he could only be allowed after he captured an enemy soldier.

Aztec warriors had a strategic system on how their military functions and well-developed strategies for battlefields. During a battle, Aztec warriors with macuahuitl would only come forward after the slingers or archers advanced to the adversary. When they are close to an enemy, the macuahuitl was the best weapon they had.

Similar to a cricket bat, the macuahuitl had a length that extended some three and a half feet. Although numerous weapons could be managed with a single hand, some people needed two hands to grab it and fight.

The weapon also varied in size and could have between four and eight blades along the sides. It does not matter the design; blades could not be pulled out. Other than the macuahuitl, they made tepoztopilli, a weapon made of carved wood, and then fitted with the obsidian blades. Contrary to the belief, the macuahuitl was not only an invention of Aztec but a weapon widely used by various Mexican groups.

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