Tools that use diamond chips to cut with

When people start talking about diamond core bits or saw, they think that it is all about mining. This isn’t the case though as there are a lot of tools that get used in the construction industries. These types of bits or saws are costly to buy. Most companies will rent them out for use, because you don’t want to spend a lot of money to use a tool 4 or 5 times and then let it sit in your garage.

The way they make a diamond drill is when they cut a diamond to fit into a ring, it will have chips and diamond mines will also have a lot of chips that are too small for a ring.

In this article, we will go over the different types of diamond tip tools.

Core drills

2When people hear core drill, they think that it is a huge drill that sits on the back of a tank like a truck that will drill deep into the earth to extract ore from mines. That is one of the main reason for core diamond drill bits.

They make smaller diamond bits for smaller jobs like putting in holes for a parking lot. This makes it easy to put in light poles for a parking lot that already has asphalt laid down. They even have a pull-along core drillers that will go on the road without taking a section out to run a pipe for whatever be the reason.

Diamond saw

When you are driving down the highway, and you see a construction crew cutting the road up, they are using a diamond saw to cut through the concrete or asphalt. This type of saw can make a lot of noises while it is being operated. You well be able to tell it is a diamond saw because they will be spraying it down with water to cool the saw or bits down. The only thing that can hurt this type of bit is to let it get too hot, and this will make it melt down to nothing.

Handheld drills

3This is a lot like a regular drill, but the drill bit, of course, is made up with diamond chips. This tool is good for going through concrete and rock. The only thing that a diamond drill won’t go through is metal. The diamond will cut through the metal, but the friction would melt the two metals together.

Diamonds are the strongest rock on earth today; no other rock has ever been stronger.