Things you need to know about hair transplant

Hair transplant is a procedure where a hair transplant surgeon takes hair from one part of your head and relocate it. The doctor actually removes the entire hair follicle which is a tiny little segment of tissues that has one to four hairs growing out of it. The follicles that they take to do a hair transplant successfully have to be unique in the sense that they must come from an area of the head called the donor area.

This area seems to enclose hair follicles that for some unknown reason are immune to what causes hereditary hair loss. Therefore, if you are losing hair due to say alopecia areata, you would probably not be seen as a good candidate by a hair transplant. Unfortunately, there are some exceptions, but we are not going to get into all of that. Here are the things you need to know about hair transplant.


Are your follicles genetically viable?

To be determined if you are eligible for a hair transplant surgery, you must have genetically viable follicles that are not going to become sick and die over time. The other type of hair loss that you could do a hair transplant with, is chemical traction alopecia. If you have enough healthy follicles to take and move, then you certainly would be seen as a good candidate by a hair transplant surgeon.One of the benefits to hair transplanting with chemical and traction alopecia is that unlike hereditary hair loss, you don’t lose more hair over time, unless you keep doing the things that caused the hair loss in the first place. As long as you are not repeating those processes, there is a good chance that the hair will grow forever.

Hair transplant process can be a great thing. It is a legitimate technology, and if it is done artfully, it can be difficult for someone to know that you have had a hair transplant. Nevertheless, it is important to look at your situation to determine if it is the right time and if your hopes, dreams, and goals are in alignment with what you can achieve. After undergoing the hair transplant process, you will be happy with the results. It is incredibly natural, and it does not require much attention in maintaining it. The fact is that hair transplantation can be incredibly rewarding if you know what you are getting into.



There is also a tremendous cost involved, but that should not worry you much since there is no amount of money you would not pay to have a little bit more hair or a lot more hair for that matter. But there are probably people that do not feel it is worth the investment. The pricing is per graft or follicle, which will give you anywhere from one to four hairs. This usually depends on the technology, which can also be a factor in how much you pay per raft or per follicle.


Finding the right surgeon

When finding the right surgeon, make sure to get an excellent communicator and assessed related matters about you. Someone who would know your specific situation, and how much more hair you are going to lose over your lifetime. It is also important to know how many procedures would you really need to reach the goal that you are aiming for. Knowing factors like your hair color and hair type will also lend to this, so if you have blonde hair and it is curly of course, you are going to get a much bigger visual improvement with a thousand transplanted grafts.


There are a lot of different factors that one must take into consideration. When looking at before and after pictures, many of the results for the same number of grafts can look dramatically different depending on the person who had the procedure done.