Know Your Plumbing Systems

Plumbing is an important part of life. Any region must have access to plumbing if it’s to serve its residents. Proper plumbing is how people get access to clean water for everyday use. It is also through plumbing that people can get rid of wastes. There are numerous plumbing systems, and each one of them belongs somewhere. The key to getting the plumbing done right is to know which systems work where. For anyone looking for plumbing in Ottawa, it is important first to understand the gist of it all.

Plumbing is divided into two parts

Water supply plumbing

rtfzxghjWater supply plumbing is essential in any property; this is how people get their water. The plumbing is usually installed during construction of the property. Water supply plumbing includes installing underground pipes that serve water to a building. Water supply plumbing can be either indirect or direct. Direct water plumbing means that the plumbing that supplies water to a building has been connected straight to the mains water supply. This kind of plumbing is cheaper, and it is also easier to install.

Indirect plumbing, on the other hand, involves a water tank system. The tank system is connected to the mains supply and then the building gets the water for the tank system. With this type of plumbing, the risk of water pollution is less. This is because there is no back siphonage. That is to say that water can not be sucked backed into the network because the tank system is usually isolated. Indirect plumbing also means that changes in the network would not affect the supply of water into a building. The building is supplied with water from the tank system, and that means the pressure is constant. In case the network fails; a building would still get water supply.

Waste management plumbing

erdfghzxWaste management plumbing is about installing plumbing systems to get rid of waste. The management of water is also important; it is as important as the water supply. If waste is not well taken care of, it could lead to catastrophes least of which is pollution. There are specific plumbing systems that are designed for waste management. The application will determine this. The systems used for domestic applications are not the same as those used for commercial applications.

Commercial buildings need more advanced and sophisticated forms of plumbing for waste management. Some regulations are put in place to make sure that commercial spaces have the right kind of plumbing. Residential homes also have their kind of plumbing. The waste that comes from the baths and sink needs to be taken care of. Septic tanks should be installed for domestic waste management. Sewage treatment plants are also part of the waste management plumbing systems.