Understanding Different Types of Longboards

Longboards are popular among the youngsters than even the skaters. Some use them to commute from points to points while others for sports. There are Longboards for Beginners Best Brands and those for pros. Each type has different features wich enable then to be convenient in a specific way. It is, therefore, important to understand each type of longboard. Below, the article is going to highlight the different types of longboards and their uses.

Various types of longboards and their uses


Designed for rolling down the hills at high speeds,dfsdfsdfdsfsdf these are some of the most perfectly designed longboards of all times. They are durable yet easy to control. Only experienced longboarders are recommended to use such longboards down the hills and mostly they are for sporting activities. Only the best materials make them for stability, and their deck offers a wide stepping area to reduce accidents. It is advisable for longboarders to thoroughly check the wheels and axle before they start their downhill ride and ensure they are in place and stable.


Cruisers are popular with starters and people who use longboards as a means of transport. It is common to see students in campus or colleges use then as well as youngsters doing their town errands. The good thing with cruisers is that they can either be long or short to fit different preferences. Most of them are either made of bamboo or synthetic materials which are light yet stable and durable. The deck and the wheels are made to overcome the rough streets keeping the riders very stable. Another unique feature that differentiates them from other types of longboards is their ability to maneuvers corners of the narrow streets. Therefore, they have a narrow deck than the others.


dgdgdfgdfgdfgAs the name suggests, these are longboards meant to ride for long distances freely without many distractions. As there is enough distance, the riders can show their riding prowess though position switching, spinning and other fancy tricks.

Therefore, they are also for very experienced riders. It is highly recommended to wear protective gear while freeriding. They are made from some of the best and sturdy materials, and their decks offer a wide surface area to play around.


The above three are the common types of longboards. However, there are others designed for various uses. They also come in different designs like a fishtail, blunt or pintail. As a starter, it is important to know where to start off and pick the best longboard. Do not rush into the difficult ones but take a continuous advancement until you gain enough experience.

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